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What is Steel-HQ Technology

Steel HQ Engineering is the brand name for the technology and process behind one of the most advanced innovation in home building. Steel HQ provides homeowners with housing solutions that meet and exceed the high standards in America, Europe and Asia.

The technology behind Steel HQ is improving the way new homes are built by offering the benefits and advantages of a custom built homes at the price of a conventional ones.

Hundreds of builders, across the globe, have incorporated Steel HQ into their new home developments.

How is it Made?
Builders who incorporate Steel HQ steel framing into their homes simply order the framing according to their own architectural designs. That framing is then engineered using leading-edge computer technology with a highly advanced vision of engineering and shipped to site.

This newly created efficiency means steel framing is no longer exclusive to custom-built homes, high-end industrial, institutional and retail facilities.

Steel HQ steel framing is now a ready alternative for conventional housing needs. At Steel HQ large, fully integrated plant in China, the pre-cut steel is loaded on large machines that line up the studs precisely and joins the frames with a process that carefully preserves the galvanized finish.

This use of pre- engineering and steel allows for a more precise, durable and longer lasting structure than that of conventional materials and processes.

After inspection, each Steel HQ frame is then packaged in order of erection and shipped to the new home site.

Once the frame is manufactured, it arrives at the site ready for erection by a certified Steel HQ erection crew.

Each Steel HQ team consists of only the most highly trained erection crews dedicated to ensuring the seamless construction of our system.

Once the framing is erected on-site, it is ready for final inspection. The builder then adds the electrical and plumbing systems and other components like insulation, vapour barrier, wall board, and exterior claddings such as brick, exactly as in a home built using conventional framing.

Because of the advanced precision of the Steel HQ system, each component fits on site with the rest, allowing for more precise home building. All openings for doors, windows, electrical systems, and other features such as central vacuums and security systems are pre-engineered by Steel HQ, eliminating the need for drilling additional openings on site that may compromise the structural integrity of your home.


The Steel HQ Technology
Through its computerized design and manufacturing system, Steel HQ has developed a process by which the required engineering time for each home is decreased substantially.

This exceptional efficiency enables Steel HQ to produce the quality of a custom built home using steel at the cost of a conventionally built home.

The Steel HQ mandate is a simple one: produce homes that the consumer wants to live in.

In the future, Steel HQ will continue to develop innovative and consumer friendly home solutions that will make the living environment that much better to come home to.

Benefits and Advantages
Steel HQ offers several advantages over conventional framing and building methods.

Among the number of reasons builders and homebuyers choose Steel HQ pre-engineered framing is that it's stronger than standard framing, providing an increased resistance to weakness that can develop over time and severe weather damage. And steel is not susceptible to warping, splitting and nail popping, which have many homebuilders optimistic about significant reductions in after-sales service.

Another main benefit of using steel framing is its greater design flexibility.
Because Steel HQ homes are stronger homes, it may not require as many support columns, which translates into more flexibility in the creative design.

Layouts for larger, more open spaces are structurally feasible with the Steel HQ system.
The impact Steel HQ leaves on the environment is advantageous for us all. When you visit a Steel HQ construction site, you'll immediately notice that debris, dumpsters and large stacks of waste scattered about are missing. Our system reduces construction waste by a staggering rate of 90 percent. In addition, Steel HQ is using a recyclable material, creating a stronger, more environmentally proven solution for us all.